Return Policy

Return Policy

Flower Order Cancellation Policy 

Flower orders may be cancelled if notice is given 72 hours in advance of the pick-up/delivery date of the order. All flower cancellations made before the 72 hour deadline are eligible for store-credit only. Flower orders being cancelled within 48 hours of being placed (but not within the 72 hour pick-up/delivery date) are eligible for a full refund. 


If you place an order and the recipient rejects delivery, whatever the reason, Floret & Foliage will not provide a refund and cannot be held liable for the recipient’s decision. If we are unable to substantiate your claim, we reserve the right to reject that claim.

Once flowers leave our shop premises/delivery vehicle, Floret & Foliage LLC. is no longer responsible for any damages incurred due to mishandling, transit, weather, etc. If you are unhappy with the quality of your arrangement please give us a call or email within 24 hours. In most cases, we will gladly replace the arrangement.  No refunds or replacements will be made after this period. Nor will refunds or replacements be made based on improper plant or flower care on the part of the recipient.

Flower Substitutions
Floret & Foliage LLC. reserves the right to make substitutions in the event the flowers received are not of the quality suitable for your flower order. In this event, the integrity of the proposed color scheme will be maintained and flowers of equivalent value will be used. 

Return Policy FAQ


Q: When am I eligible for cash/credit card refund? 
 ONLY when a flower order cancellation request is made within 48 hours from the time of purchase

Q: When am I no longer eligible for any sort of refund / store credit? 
A: Your cancellation request is placed less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled pick up/delivery date.

Q: When am I eligible for Store Credit?
A: When you bring in your merchandise item(s) in re-sellable condition, along with original packaging and provide your receipt within 30 days of purchase. 
Or, when a flower order cancellation is made more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled pick up/delivery date and is for $250 or less.

Q: If I need to cancel my order, how do I do that?

Q: What if I want to place a LARGE order for an event, but I’m not sure the EXACT number of arrangements I want? 
A: We recommend placing an order for the minimum of what you would like and placing an additional order later when you decide what you’d like to add. This is to avoid over-ordering and not being eligible for a refund. 

Q: How far in advance do I need to place a LARGE order ($250+)?
A: We recommend 30 days in advance, but we can process large orders if placed 1 week in advance; however the more notice we have, the better!

*In the event that you place a large flower order ($250+) within 72 hours of your event, the 48 hour credit card/cash refund or store credit refund does not apply.