Elegant White and Blush Floral Designs for a Dreamy Davenport ND Wedding

At Floret & Foliage, we had the pleasure of creating a stunning white and blush wedding at the Pines Venue in Davenport ND. This summer wedding was filled with lush white hydrangeas, garden roses, and blush roses, accented with fragrant eucalyptus to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

The Pines Venue provided the perfect backdrop for this beautiful wedding, with its stunning natural surroundings and rustic charm. The lush greenery and rolling green grass of Davenport ND made for a picturesque setting, and we worked closely with the bride and groom to create floral designs that perfectly complemented the venue's natural beauty.

The bride's bouquet was a true showstopper, featuring a mix of white hydrangeas and garden roses, along with delicate anemones, blush roses, and fragrant eucalyptus. 

For the ceremony, we created a beautiful arch of white hydrangeas and eucalyptus, which served as the perfect focal point for the ceremony. The arch was adorned with a mix of lush greenery and delicate blooms, creating a romantic and ethereal atmosphere that was perfect for the occasion.

For the reception, we created beautiful centerpieces featuring a mix of white hydrangeas, garden roses, and blush roses, along with eucalyptus and other greenery. The centerpieces were set atop rustic wooden tables, which added to the natural and organic feel of the wedding.

Overall, this white and blush wedding was a true joy to create, and we are so grateful to have been a part of this special day. The combination of lush white hydrangeas, garden roses, and blush roses, with fragrant eucalyptus, created a romantic and elegant atmosphere that perfectly captured the beauty of the summer season. If you're planning a wedding at the Pines Venue in Davenport ND, we would be honored to help bring your floral vision to life with our expert design services.